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This is a Lyle Lovett tune, from his album "Joshua Judges Ruth." We hope you enjoy it.


I went to church last Sunday so I could sing and pray
But something quite unusual happened on that day

Now church it started right on time just like it does without a doubt
And everything was all just fine except when it came time to let us out

You know the preacher he kept preaching, he told us I have one more thing to say
Children before you think of leaving, you better think about the Judgment Day

And now everyone was getting so hungry that the old ones started feeling ill
And the weak ones started passing out and the young ones they could not sit still

And the preacher's voice rose higher, so I snuck up on the balcony
And I crept into the choir, and I begged them brothers, sisters, help me please

I said when I give you a signal – I said when I raise up my hand
Won't you please join with me together and praise the Lord I have a plan

And the preacher he kept preaching. Long is the struggle, hard the fight
And I prayed, Father please forgive me, and then I stood up and with all my might
I sang

To the Lord let praises be, it's time for dinner now let's go eat
We've got some beans and some good cornbread, and I listened to what the preacher said
Now it's to the Lord let praises be, it's time for dinner now let's go eat

Yes and I did give a signal, yes and I raised up my hands
And then joined with me the choir, yes every woman, child, and man
They sang


And the preacher he stopped preaching and a hush the church did fill
And then a great white dove from up above landed on the window sill

And the dove flew down beside him and a fork appeared right in his hand
And with everybody watching the preacher ate that bird right there and then


And the moral of this story, children it is plain but true
God knows if a preacher preaches long enough even he'll get hungry too
And he'll sing



from Savoy Live, track released October 2, 2011
Written by Lyle Lovett



all rights reserved


Savoy Salt Lake City, Utah

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